Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Japan Day Pt. 2

If you're curious to know what this is about, read my first post on Japan Day here*click* :)

The fortune-telling booth.

My friend, Shiho-san, practising calligraphy.

An assortment of Japanese beverages on sale. I love the ubiquitous drink vending machines in Tokyo, by the way! So many colours, so many flavours! <--- slogan haha!

Yummy Japanese snacks!

This little girl is so kawaii! I asked her Dad for permission to snap a photo with her and she happily obliged.

Maid Cafe. A wee bit dissapointed that the maids didn't role-play at all. Not that I've been to a real Maid Cafe, but from what I've heard, the ones in Japan really act all cutesy and speak in high-pitched voices, make you sing songs and have excellent customer service. I definitely want to visit one if I ever go to Japan again, just because it's so out of this world!

Oh, by the way, only after we left did I notice a sign that said, No photography allowed. Please respect the maids. Woopsie...

There were also some game stalls, several performances and a haunted house. The haunted house was pitch black and I was so scared even though I went in with the boyf. I hate it when the actors touch me; they tapped my back and grabbed my ankles wtf. I think I screamed several times haha. My boyfriend, on the other hand, thoroughly enjoyed himself and even patted a "ghost" on its head and said, "Good job!" <---  -_-"

Yukata! I picked this gorgeous navy blue one with white, pink, red and blue sakura prints and a pink obi (sash) to go with it. I've never worn a yukata in my entire life, so that was a pretty exciting experience.

The yukata is SO pretty; I desperately wanted to run away with it, but I refrained because I'm chicken shit like that. Oh, in my previous blog post about Japan Day*click*, I forgot to show you the pretty floral earrings I wore that day, so here they are.

Now I'm sure I had at least 5 different studio shots taken by the photographer because all my poses were directed by him, so I was very aware of what my body was doing and thus, the amount of shots taken.

After the event, I waited for weeks for the photos to be uploaded. Finally, I received an email to say the photos were ready. I clicked on the link and sifted through hundreds of pictures of other people and very nearly missed mine...because there was only one shot of me -.-

For some reason known only to the photographer, he decided not to upload the rest of my photos. I'm quite disapointed with this photo because:
a) This doesn't even show the entire yukata
b) I'm doing this silly-looking pose suggested by the photographer
c) I waited frigging forever for the photos so I can do this post and now all I have is this one shot. Bah!

If I'd known, I would have blogged about this much, much earlier. Sorry to keep you waiting, guys!


  1. omg, it's a lovely yukata! And what a cute girl ^3^

  2. you look pretty in a yukata =D ! never worn that before xD isn't it heavy?

  3. The yukata is lovely and you wore it very well. You look gorgeous in it, too bad you couldn't get more shots

  4. The event looks fun and you look pretty in the yukata :)

  5. Great Post!! I love the Yukata, I'm glad I now know the official name for that Japanese ensemble. It's very pretty. I don't think the pictures bad, it's cute! But I understand why that would be disappointing!


  6. your trip looks great. i love the yukata it's beautiful and i hate people that take pictures then they dont post all the shit up especially if you've been waiting for them lol.

  7. Oh you look really lovely in the yukata. I love the dark navy blue overall colour with blooms and sakura allows the pink bow to stand out. Oh I totally understand what you mean by waiting for photos only to be disappointed by them. Just one shot uploaded after taking a few? I would have been disappointed if I were you as well. I guess the photographer thought that particular picture is the cutest of you and fits the kawaii Japanese girl? Nevermins, at least we get to see those from your camera which look great too. =)

  8. These are great pictures. It looks like such a fun time. I would love to experience something like this!

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  9. looks like a fun event. you're right the girl is so kawaii and the yukata looks great on you.

  10. First of all, you look so lovely in the yukata! I love traditional Japanese prints :) This event looks like it was a lot of fun! Even here in America, I love Japanese snacks and drinks. I think the part about your boyfriend telling the "ghost" good job is hilarious. John told me about the time he went through a haunted house and snuck up on one of the "monsters" and scared him instead. Boys are so strange sometimes :)

  11. ah you look pretty in kimono! and those japanese snack looks yummy.. envy!! ^^

  12. omgs that jappy girl is so kawaii! and you look so pretty in the yukataaa <3

  13. What a fun post!!! Lovely pics! Looks sooo fun. And you get to wear that yukata. I want to wear one sooo bad! And the bow at the back so pretty.

    Lovelovelove your earrings, they are GORGEOUS!!

  14. Wow, you guys really did it well - lots of activities and a ton of people there! Thanks for sharing!

  15. The festival looked like a lot of fun!!! There's so much interesting things to do! I've never been to a maid cafe either before, and I sort of regret it now not going when I was in japan last year lol but I hear also from a very reliable source, that they do crazy role play too!!! The yukata was lovely and it's a shame the photographer didn't post more photos of you up =(

    hahaha my bf is very bad at taking my photos too, often enough I have to ask him to take it over and over again! thanks for visiting my blog!!!

  16. i wish i could go to japan .. you look beautiful in that kimono :)


  17. thanks for leaving such a nice comment and being concerned. everything is okay is tokyo. it took us a little surprise how long the aftershock was but there were real damages. I think there were major damages in the Tohoku area too.

    You look really cute in the yukata! I have a pink one which i bought 3 years ago hehe. i cant believe how time flies by, i might get another one because pink is "young" :P

  18. oops i mean there were NO real damamges - sorry for typo!

  19. Hey Hun!

    The site where I got those asian dresses are from http://www.yesstyle.com/. :D Very cute stuff there!!

  20. the little girl is so kawaii indeed. love the photos and Japanese culture is really very interesting. it's about discipline and beauty.

    love this post. :)

  21. u look so cute in the yukata!
    thanks for the follow miss!

    i'll be seeing u and ur blog again soon!



  22. Oh, that's too bad that you only got one pic! But I still think you look so pretty in that yukata and the pose is not silly, rather it's adorable:)


  23. u look great in the yukata! and so does the little girl :3 and i wanna try all of those japanese foods and snacks :3

  24. thanks for following my blog. i'm following you too :) have a nice weekend.


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