Saturday, 24 September 2011

September Boudoir Privé: The Unboxing

After much anticipation, the September Boudoir Privé box is finally here.

The packaging is as beautiful as ever and it feels as if it's my birthday as I carefully remove each layer of wrapping. I must admit that the packaging of beauty boxes is the part that most impresses me.

 6 samples + 1 bonus blotting/bronzing paper from 7 brands for £10

I am going to be very honest and say that the sizes of the samples were a little disappointing. Everything is so tiny even though they were advertised to be deluxe-sized samples. Now, I'm perfectly aware that I signed up for a box of samples and I never once hoped to have a full-sized product in the box, but I did hope for decent-sized ones. I was very happy with the sizes of 2 of the items in the first box*click*, so to see real miniatures this month is a bit of a let down. Since I mentioned this in the GlossyBox post*click*, I'll say it here to be fair...I can get perfume samples from beauty counters (or even magazines), so no, I'd rather not pay for them.

However, again, this box provided a good mix of products for body care, hair care, skin care and make up.

The Les Indispensables leaflet; AGENT PROVOCATEUR L'Agent
MACADAMIA Healing Oil Treatment for hair repair; ZOYA nail polish in Marina
COLBERT MT Nourish eye cream; TROPIC SKINCARE Body Smooth
CARGO COSMETICS Boogie Nights eye pencil; MAI COUTURE blotting/bronzing paper

The products all seem pretty okay. I'm not wow-ed or anything, but I am looking forward to trying most of the things out. 

I couldn't resist and have taken a whiff of some of the products. I'm not too keen about the Tropic Body Smooth because the lemon-y smell is way too strong for me. It reminds me of cough drops/lozenges. The Colbert MD eye cream has no fragrance so it just smells like...cream, which is fine. The Macadamia hair oil has a very pleasant smell and I'm definitely eager to try this one. The L'Agent perfume smells pretty good!

The box also came with this Zoya nail polish display to show off their new Smoke & Mirrors collection (which incidentally, is also the name of Topshop's AW11 make up collection). It's pretty fun to play with, but I'm not too sure about throwing in these forms of advertising into our boxes. It's hardly a sample...

Overall, I think this month's box was just okay. Unfortunately, I have made the decision to unsubscribe. If you read my post on last month's box (also the company's first box), you'll notice that I used words like "pretty satisfied" and "quite like". I was already contemplating whether or not to continue with my subscription, but decided to give it another chance. Since this month's box still didn't make me squeal with delight, I've decided to cancel. Please note it wasn't horrid, just that personally, I expected a bit more. I'll keep an eye out on the next few boxes and if they up their game, who knows, I might subscribe again.

Finally, since I've had both GlossyBox and Boudoir Prive this month, my verdict is...GlossyBox wins!

For those who are unfamiliar with the Boudoir Prive beauty box concept, check out my Introductory post*click*.
For those interested in seeing what was in the first August Boudoir Prive box, go
For those interested in seeing what was in Septemeber's GlossyBox, go here*click*.


  1. read your review and I'm thinking we are on a very similar wavelength. Month after month Glossy Box delivers a longer lasting woop! I haven't unsubscribed to Boudoir Prive yet though as I am indebted to them for the Sachajuan conditioner from the August box... waiting to see what the October box brings...

  2. I have to agree with you on that one. 
    I've been subbed to GlossyBox for 4 months now, missed deadline for last Boudoir Prive so missed this box. 
    And I have to say, I'm not exactly kicking myself. I'm more of a make-up and hair girl than skincare, and for me GlossyBox just has more WOW factor, bigger samples and more recognisable brands.
    Great Post :)

  3. The packing is very pretty, but the items seem to be so little, I think i understand your disappointment a little...

  4. I don't subscribe to these things but I agree that this box seems to look a bit disappointing. I think the Zoya polish is the only thing in there that really catches my eye.

  5. Wow that looks like a very disappointing box and not even worth it! D: Going down the same rode as BirchBox for me

  6. yeah the samples are little but beautiful!! :-)
    And the!!
    Beautiful pink box. I'm envying you right now :-)

    I follow your beautiful blog dear. Please do the same!!!!!
    Follow me!!

  7. i gotta agree,the size is pretty disappointing :/ 

  8. I love Zoya nail polishes my sweet, I look forward to seeing this on you. I am not sure why I was not following you before, I have rectified that now xx

  9. lovely stuff, the size are indeed a little pity ;o. 

  10. Nice, honest review!  The packaging is very pretty!


  11. lovely packaging! i like the color of your nail polish, very cool! :)

  12. Miss Beautyqueenblogs21 November 2012 at 15:19

    I must admit, I had similar feelings. I already got my Glossybox and Feelunique box this month and was pleased, but this one looked virtually empty by the time I took the plastic nail colours thing and the blotting sheet off the top. I have been wearing the Zoya polish all day though and LOVE it and looking forward to trying the eye cream and hair oil, but no, nothing 'wow' about this at all. I've decided to wait until the next box then unsubscribe if it doesn't improve x

  13. loveheartsandcrosses21 November 2012 at 15:19

    aww I was also quite disappointed with mine, quite glad I only paid a fiver for it. i think i might unsubscribe as the feel unique and glossy box ones just seem better. just bigger samples i think. by the way have you seen the escentual try before you buy range? makes me realise that these sample boxes aren't actually that great value for money

  14. Unfortunately, I think I will unsubscribe too.
    I see the nail polish wheel just a way to 'pad' the box out - I dont see the point really :(


  15. That packaging is amazing. Im already sold right there O-o  But yeah i do get that the size of the samples are disapointing.. Some of it you can use on one, maybe two weeks.

  16. I'm with you - glossybox wins for me too. x


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