Friday, 2 September 2011

Wake me up when September ends

I've always wanted to use that song as a blog post title.

Any-jimmy-who, I think this blog is starting to deviate from its main purpose, posting my everyday outfits. I'll definitely revert back to regular outfit postings once my work is done.

After handing in my first draft (I've no idea why they call it the "first draft" as if to imply that there's a second, third, fourth draft. Really, there's only the first draft and then your final version which you submit and pray hard that you pass), I thought I'd take a little break from my dizzy-tation and do an outfit post.

Cardigan: Primark
Lace embellished, polka-dotted blouse: Wholesale Dress
Vintage Levi's 502: Random vintage store
Polka-dotted button pin: Craft's Fair 
 Pink bow necklace: HitomiNeko
'N' scrabble ring: Random market
Rose earring: Random shop

It's a very simple outfit which I wore to run some errands. The blouse is really sweet and has a pretty lace panel at the back and at the sides of the collar, but I didn't have time to take better shots. Maybe next time.

My current favourite accessory is this pink 'N' scrabble ring I got at a random market. It's so pretty and a bit more special as it comes from the special edition Scrabble set for Breast Cancer Awareness. I wanted 'J' obviously, but those are so hard to come by because there's only 1 in the entire Scrabble deck. So I bought 'N' which is the boyfriend's initial.

In other exciting news, Mie of No Beauty Limits featured me in her Blogger Spotlight project! This is such a pleasant surprise as I totally didn't expect it at all. Every week, Mie randomly picks 3 blogs she would like to feature and dedicates an entire post to the 3 bloggers. It's such an honour to be picked this week*click*!

Thank you so much, Mie! xx

She is such a sweet girl with amazing make up skills and great fashion sense. I've told her how envious I was of her eye make up because she has such pretty eyes and she makes it look so easy, but it'd probably take me years to master. I should continue stalking her blog so I can learn a thing or two ;)


  1. Congrats on the feature. Cute look! I have a long black cardigan too! It really comes in handy!!

    Shasie of Live
    Life in Style

  2. I love the blouse and congrats on the feature, Joey! :)

  3. oooooo yay~~~~~ LOVE how the necklace look on U! <3 

    awesome overall accessories all together.. so Q! 

    thx for tagging me. have a lovely day!

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoox

  4. I love your blouse, it is so pretty!

  5. thanks for the comment :) i want to buy some if i can the chance to hehe

    your blouse's sooo cute! XD

  6. yay on finishing your first draft dear!!! the scrabble ring is super cute ^_^ 
    and i saw your blog being featured & was super happy that i already am reading your blog ahhahaha ^o^

  7. Love the polka dot top and congrats on the blog mention. I always wanted to shop at Primark but they don't have one where I live. & I don't think they have an online store?

  8. Congratssss  on the blog mention ^^so sweet!!!

  9. I totally didn't know about the pink scrabbles T.T its so special ! and it supports a cause which all women concerns. Am gonna read your feature now :)

  10. Lovely pink ring! And I bet your boyfriend thinks is sweet too! :) X

  11. wow! I love your outfit dear! :) It looks so cute on you.. I love the top!! <3

  12. I love your top! <3

  13. I love that mint shirt!! Do you often buy from wholesale-dress? I haven't yet because I always get turned off by the shipping haha

    Btw grats on being featured ^^

  14. Lovely outfit :) the pink 'N' scrabble ring is beautiful!!
    Btw I like that song<3

  15. Super cute blouse and congrats on being featured :]

  16. Cute outfit, that bunch pink accessories is too sweet *O*
    and congratz dear for featured :D


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