Tuesday, 30 August 2011

DBeautyShop GEO Magic Black review

Today, I'll be reviewing the GEO Magic Black circle lenses.
Disclosure: These lenses were sponsored by DBeautyShop, a Malaysian-based online store that sells circle lenses. DBeautyShop did not dictate what should or should not be in this review and thus this review is written based on my honest opinions.

Item details
Origin: Korea
Diameter : 14.0mm
Water Content : 38 - 42%
Base Curve : N/A
Life Span : 1 year disposal

Under very dim lighting
With bright sunlight streaming in through the window
Directly facing the window

Comfort: 4/5
These lenses are pretty comfortable and I forget that they are there after a couple of minutes. I attribute this to its 14.00mm diameter which makes it very breathable and so, very comfortable to wear.

Enlargement: 3/5
Even though these are only 14.0mm in diameter, the thick, dark ring around the lenses provides an obvious enlarging effect. I think it looks good in photos, but in person, it may look a little unnatural especially if I don't wear any eye make up. However, I guess it would be perfect if you want to go for the dolly-eye effect.

Colour: 1/5
*note that a 5/5 score would mean that the colour's very obvious even while indoors*
As you can see, these lenses offer no colour change because the rim and the pattern is black. It does make my irises even darker than usual, though.

How much do I like them? 3/5

With flash
Note the difference

These may be the darkest circle lenses I've ever owned. Even though I'm not quite used to how they look, my boyfriend thinks they're fine. I always use him as a measure for how natural my circle lenses look because he finds most of them scary -.-
However, for these, he didn't say anything bad so I take that as a good sign *thumbs up*

DBeautyShop ships worldwide and every order comes with a free animal lens case. These cases are absolutely adorable! I've started my own mini collection and it makes me so happy looking at them :)


  1. aww you look so angelic with those on, sucks about the enlargement though ):

  2. wow those are nice! can you get them in prescription ones too? I have always wanted blue eyes!

  3. you look great with the lenses!!! hahahaha i agree w your bf, some lenses can make ppl look freaky deaky LOL but these are quite natural. 

    and i love your hair!!!! 

  4. I love those! Their simple but give great enlargement~ 

  5. so pretty! you look so pretty and doll-like here :D

  6. oe, those circle lenses looks great ;o. your eyelashes looks great too haha ^^. 

  7. whoa i've never tried black lenses before... I like the effect actually it looks so intense!

  8. P.S you got an amazing site just followed you :D

  9. You look so dolly-eyed! Kawaii~!!

  10. Pretty Joey :)
    It really makes your eyes so dark and deep!
    But I like it ^^

    xx http://icepandora.blogspot.com 

  11. You look cute and dolly with the circles lens :] And the lens look very natural.

  12. Btw I featured you on my blog today, please do check it out :)


  13. u look great in them!!! too bad i can't wear contacts due to an eye problem i've been having recently

  14. ooo these are really dark and you look fab in them!

  15. wow these were of the first lenses i bought when circle lenses craze was getting started (about 3 yrs ago) and i thought they were so scratchy! Maybe I got a wrong batch huh! They look really good on you, i thought they made me look alienish haha

  16. They look so natural on you! Take this as a compliment :D

  17. I can totally see the difference! I really like it :)

  18. You look so adorable Joey! Loving the contacts.

  19. You have really gorgeous hair! Love the lenses case! xX


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