Sunday, 14 August 2011

August Boudoir Privé: The Unboxing

Look what came in the post this morning!

It's the highly-anticipated Boudoir Privé beauty box! If you've no idea what it is, you can check out the Introductory post I wrote here*click*

The suspense was killing me, but I still took time to carefully unwrap each layer and photograph each step of my unboxing so I could document it nicely for you, my lovely blog readers.

The personalized, hand-written card really impressed me because I love companies who put in extra effort to make their customers feel loved.

The Les Indispensables leaflet was extremely useful because it detailed what each sample was, had instructions for use and listed the price of the full-sized product incase we decide to purchase it after trying out the samples.

After gently tugging the pretty pink ribbon and peeling off that cute little mirror sticker, the contents of the August Boudoir Privé beauty box were finally revealed.

There, 8 samples from 6 brands for £10.

So this is the first Boudoir Privé beauty box produced and for me personally, the first beauty box ever. My opinions will be based entirely on this company and their first box. My opinions may differ from others, but as I've no previous beauty box experience to compare to, I feel that I'm able to give an unbiased view.

When I opened the pink box, as far as first impressions go, I was well impressed because as you all know, I'm a sucker for packaging and I definitely can't fault them on that. At first glance, when I saw the amount of samples, I heaved a sigh of relief because before this, I was so worried I had wasted my money buying a box without knowing its contents because "its contents are a suprise". I admit that the full-sized SACHAJUAN Hair Repair product (which by the way, retails for £11) added tons of brownie points. I thought the box provided a lovely mix of products for body care, hair care, skin care, make up and lifestyle. Let's have a closer look at what the items are.

SACHAJUAN Hair Repair, OLAVIE Antioxidant Body Butter,
JANE IREDALE PureLash Extender and Conditioner, BABOR HSR Lifting Extra Firming Cream,
ETAT LIBRE D'ORANGE Like This and Rien, BLOOM Green tea and White tea duo.

I was most disappointed with the blooming BLOOM teabags. I remember there were hints on their Facebook page that the "lifestyle" product could be tea and I thought to myself, "They'd better not give me blardy tea!!"

So anyway, the box arrived and as you can see, the teabags were there. I would have been furious, but I'm not simply because I felt that the other products made up for it. But if they do this again in future boxes, I think I would be extremely annoyed. I'm sorry, I'm not paying for tea samples no matter how posh. Seriously, nobody is going to pay for tea samples.

I admit I was very sceptical when they revealed some of the brand names they were working with; I had not heard of most of them! Granted, I'm no beauty guru and I'm sure these brands are luxury (Boudoir Privé seem to love throwing this word around) brand names in their own right, but the fact remains that as an average consumer, I'm always hesitant about buying products I'm not familiar with. Still, now that the samples are here, I can't wait to try them out!

I'll end on a positive note in that after inspecting the products, I'm going to say I'm pretty satisfied with the box. I think the sample sizes are pretty decent and regardless of whether I know the brand names or not, I'm glad that I can use every single product in there. I hope the products won't disappoint. I think £10 for this is very reasonable.
All in all, I quite like the box!

Now, if you've read up to here (Thank you! You're the best!), I've got a mini surprise. Together with the leaflet, Boudoir Privé has attached 3 tokens with a code to get your first box for half price! If you want this code, simply drop me a comment to let me know. I don't know how many times you're allowed to use the code, but to avoid dispute, the first 3 people to ask me for it will get it. This is only for my UK readers because Boudoir Privé does not ship overseas.

I rather enjoyed doing this unboxing post. Hope you enjoyed reading it, too.

I'm really keen to know:
What do you think of this beauty box?
What other beauty boxes do you subscribe to?


  1. The packaging looks soooo nice but I personally (if I lived in the UK) wouldn't go for it because I don't know any of these apparently 'luxury brands'? and how luxury is a hair product that retails for £11? I mean, it's not that cheap, but not exactly 'luxury' either, I think? Haha. I think I"m just fickle...

    In reply to your comment!
    I should check out the Disqus commenting you mentioned. I heard of it but can't remember much about it now. I'm not active on very many blogs anyways. I'm usually more of a silent reader! Plus lots of blogs don't have very open commenting systems, so I can't comment even if I want to. 

    I've heard of LashGrip! I will keep that in mind when my DUO runs out!

  2. what  a lovely package ;o. A little pity that got tea samples haha. And I got your package! Aah I like that dress only the weather here doesn't allowed me to wear it haha. There is gonna be a post about it soon, when I've time to write one (:
    ps; I'm Yak Man  :'). 
    in case if you don't remember me hihih

  3. oooh thanks for the post! been dying to know what was in the first box.  i've signed up to the feel unique box and loved my box. would love to try boudoir prive. would love a code if that's possible.


  4. oh sorry i forgot to mention my email is: conny[at] :-)

  5. The packaging is so pretty!

  6. The box and packaging is really nice and the products are good size especially the hair repair. But tea? It's like the company throws it in so fill a slot.

  7. Wooooow they really care for the packaging! And I love the personal written note. :) Shows how much they care! Nice buy. :)

  8. I love unveiling stuff and also love looking at them. I've never heard of most of the brands in the Prive box too and my hazard guess is they're all under the same company and that's how they promote their own products. It's really good marketing if this were the case. They bring the brand of their products to a whole new level and it's an innovative concept to make the gift so exquisite with this air of anticipation to know what you're gonna get.

    RYC (I forgot if you check back on replies):
    No worries about broken record coz I'm just thinking that I've been
    updating about the trip in neverending parts that I'm quite sure my
    readers would have run out of things to say too. lol... I said that coz I
    was comparing the comments from Volume 1 up till now.

    In my
    humble opinion, all Asian food doesn't taste good outta Asia. The Jap
    food you see here looks great in photos but they are not up to standard
    at all.

    What happened during your trip to Malaga? I'm so gonna google that place now coz I've no clue where it is.

    PS: Initially, I didn't know why you typed "HP ftw" in this post and then I re-read and realized why. You're so sharp!

  9. i have to say,i love the packaging! like a stash from the romantic era lol. but the stuff seems fine,if you find anything that you love from there,please do share! and i chuckle a little at : darn those teabags!" haha.

  10. Love how it's designed! I haven't seen any of them around in my place, it seems brilliant to try out new products. :) Let us know about what you think of them ^^

  11. That beauty box look so pretty and elegant :D

  12. The packaging is really lovely and looks luxurious. Sorry, I was meant to do the award tagging ages ago but got side tracked. Just to share 3 different awards with you on this occasion. Sorry, if you already had them. Just thought of you as an inspiration

  13. So cool! You must feel so excited. 

    xx Dagmara

  14. ohhh the name just sounds so luxurious though lol i've never heard of any of these brands too! but i guess that's a good thing w getting these boxes. so you can try out new things. but i feel like each month will be a hit or miss. can't wait to see what you think abt these though!

    btw i finally remembered to find you on twitter hehe ^o^

  15. I'd love to try this out, I tried Glossybox but was really disappointed with my box, so I'd like to see if this is any better! If you have any codes left, I'd love one :) 


  16. I love receiving packages and having it in a beautiful and well-put packaging is an added bonus to get me giddy in ripping it! :) I have yet to try that product. :)

  17. this looks lovely, definitely thinking of subscribing, would love a code if theres one left please!
    love the blog, you're gorgeous!
    Lisa xx

  18. lovely blog, thanks very much for adding the photos, it must have been hard for you not to just 'dive in'
    could you please email the code if possible?
    my email is
    @googlemail cant wait for your blog for next months! x

  19. Hi can I have the code too please? Thanks.  My email is san7859[at]hotmail[dot]com

  20. great review, very well balanced.  your photos are lovely too!  I got mine this evening and couldn't wait for better light to take pictures :) xox

  21. if you gave that to me I would play with the box more than what is inside :O

    I dont know what any of that girlie stuff is but I hope you are well~ Nice to see hackney on the tele a bit more these days. VIET CENTRAL BRUV!

  22. lovely packaging. everything for 10 quid is a steal. i'm seeing tons of these mystery boxes. sounds fun

  23. Your brilliantly laid out post with stunning pictures puts my equivalent blog to shame and has definitely inspired me to try harder next time. Check out my blog to read out my first impressions of the box. I also subscribe to Glossy Box (since June). I found out about another two beauty boxes today! Check out my facebook page Beauty Box Swaps to find out more...

  24. Big haul! can't wait too see the review XD~

  25. huaaaa! it's a beautiful box! envy!

  26. this looks so beautiful!  Love your blog

  27. Love the review and your blog! was wondering if there are any more codes available as would love to try it out..Same as with Emily, I tried Glossybox and wasn't wow-ed by it...the beauty addict in me needs an alternative!


  28. Hi Joey! Thanks for the email.. sorry I haven't responded yet. Good luck with your thesis! I know uni work is important, so no worries about it!

    Now about this box... it looks great overall! I have never ever heard about those products before. It will be interesting to hear what you make out of those products! I think it's a very nice novel idea. Actually Japan has a similar concept called fukubukuro - lucky bag! You basically pay a fixed amount for a big and get something of a surprise in each bag! Thanks for sharing this experience!

  29. I love how the packaging is so pretty and thoughtful! Little things like that really get me :) It seems like you got some pretty generously sized samples. I've never heard of any of the brands, but I hope you like the products! The box is super cute - you could def find a way to re-use it in the future, I think :D

  30. hey babe,

    i ADORE your blog and more than that i ADORE you ...

    you got some GREAT GOODIES THERE!!!

    how i discovered your AMAZING blog?
    i was one of the dozen who PEHSUN tagged on her blog for the blog awards that lovely woman had given us... and i hope you would stop by and say hi... afterall we are from the same region arent we?

    lots of love xoxoxo

    Labile me ADDICT<3

  31. wow. this is the second time I see le boudoir privé beauty boxes on a blog and it really makes me want to try it! the packaging is indeed very enticing and the content seems very nice!!

  32. nice beautybox! :o i never tried this kind of order before but it sounds nice to me ^^ let me know how the hair treatment product worked out ^^ I'm looking for some hair treatment products because my hair is becoming really dry and i don't want it to became more damaged than how it is already :c
    Love * Sofia 

  33. Love it! I just received the September box! So exciting :)


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