Thursday, 17 May 2012

Dear disgruntled reader

Oh, hey, look! My first hater comment! Woot!

"You are making your blog more of a marketting site by doing so much advertising for god knows what all things in return! Seriously!This is meant to be a clothes blog and not some god damn stupid things review! Ofcourse you will love them cause you are like marketting them!Please stop these. Takes away the niceness of your blog!"

Yeap, that's the hater comment in all it's original glory.

Dear disgruntled reader,

You may be surprised, but I actually have a very good idea who you are. Even though you prefer to hide behind the veil of anonymity, the internet makes uncovering such things very easy.

I actually replied your comment in the post below, but since I'm pretty sure you don't check back for replies, I've decided to reply here, as well. You see, I care about my readers and those who take the time to leave comments always stand out and I make it a point to remember their names (or usernames). Yes, that means I remember you, too. You did leave me some comments before asking about certain things like where I bought my shoes or suggesting perhaps I should list down where I buy my shoes. All of which I've repeatedly, patiently, replied (even though you seem not to read my answers) that I always list down where I got the stuff I'm wearing...unless I forgot or if it's from random shops/markets with no name. Ring any bells?

Any-jimmy-who, here's my reply to your comment:


Really? Have I been doing a lot of advertorials? I always put a clear Disclaimer if the items were gifted. If you don't see the disclaimer, you can safely assume I bought the products with my own money.

All reviews are written based on my own honest opinions regardless whether or not the products were sponsored.

Your statement "Ofcourse you will love them cause you are like marketting them!". Well, like, I find you rather presumptuous cause, like, I don't LOVE all the products I'm gifted for reviewing purposes. If you read through my older posts (just off the top of my head, I remember some GlossyBox products I wasn't too keen about), you'd find that I always genuinely state the products I like, the ones I find so-so and the ones I totally regret having.

Perhaps you are also confused with my own reviews (not sponsored) which I view as a way of sharing (like the last few masks posts, for example) with my readers on the products I've tried. I'm not sure when you started reading, but I actually did a survey during one of my giveaways and one of the many suggestions I received was to do more product reviews. So I thought, why not?

However, you're right on one point being that this blog started out as an everyday outfits blog. I do apologize about deviating, but life has been so different since I came back and I have other priorities now. I no longer have the time for consistent outfit posts. Yes, it's rubbish of me, but I do hope part of the reason you started reading this blog was to know more about me, as a person. To read about my everyday life (which is in fact, another highly voted suggestion from my readers).

If, however, you really can't be bothered about lil ol' me and just came for pretty clothes and things, I suggest you visit other much better fashion blogs out there :)

Lots of love,


Now how's that for amusing? Hehehe

"This is meant to be a clothes blog and not some god damn stupid things review!"
I absolutely LOVE being told what MY blog should be about #sarcasm

I'd like to state that I'm not in the least bit hurt or angry. I just found it very amusing how someone can be so heated up about my blog and make it sound as if I'm obligated to update it the way he/she likes haha

Jokes aside, she did bring up one very valid point in that I meant for this blog to be a personal style blog...when I first started it over a year ago. It's now become a jumble of things and I'm aware I've lost some readers who came purely for the fashion. But I'm okay with that. People are free to choose and if they want to read my blog, good, but if they decide to move on to other blogs, that's also fine with me.

I'd like to just notify everyone that work is a big part of my life now and I won't have time for outfit posts. Even if I do, they might be few and far between. I'll still be reading your blogs, though, cause that's still one of my favourite hobbies :)


  1. Lol! You gave a good reply though! :]

    It's your blog and you decide!
    And between you and me, I prefer a "jumble" of things instead of only fashion! :]

  2. I like your blog hehe :P Keep doing what you're doing!

  3. I've commented in a while, but I still read your post haha. Hmm, I do think you always give a honest opinions on products you receive.. :')
    it's a pity that you cannot post so much ootd's you used to do, but I can live with it, haha. Still love your blog ^^. 

  4. hahaa love this! First hate comment means that you've officially 'made it'!! xx

  5. I wouldn't listen to them! You do a fine job running this blog, and you shouldn't let someone moan about it. If they don't like it, they don't have to read it!

    Keep it up.

  6. I think it's definitely up to you how your blog evolves over time. I agree, people change and their blogs should change too to reflect that :) Keep it up!

  7. Keep up the good job! Really wish you'd write more frequently, but totally understand the job situation. Wish people were more understanding ey? Nonetheless, keep on the great posts, and I (we) will keep visiting!

    Love xoxo, big fan!

  8. Some people are so freaking ridiculous. How does someone have the nerve to tell you what your blog should be about?!? Ugh. 

  9. wow. i cant believe the anon was tryin to tell u what to do with YOUR blog like dang lol its ur blog u can do whatever the heck u wanna do with it geez 
    do what u want! i love ur blog regardless of what u put on it :D
    i totally understand you though i dont even have a theme to my blog cuz it is so varied and scattered like my brain lol i've noticeably lost a lot of readers lol but i stopped caring about it, its my blog and i  can go crazy with it lol

  10. You have clearly displayed great maturity and graciousness in your reply to the anonymous. People tend to like to talk about everything they see on the blog not realising that many other things go on in a blogger's life outside of blogosphere. And once one is up on the internet, he or she is subjected to scrutiny and ridicule. I will continue visiting your blog no matter what as I feel that we have since become personal blog friends with some similarities that we have shared and our two-way communication. 

  11. Wow, that's rude! If you have guts to
    comment this, you should have guts
    to show your ID/username as well,
    the coward!

    I think it's great that someone sorta
    hires you to review their stuff :D That
    means that YOU are doing something
    good with your blog right?
    I don't find it disturbing, even I do
    miss your OOTD's.

    I hope you don't feel discouraged
    because of this, keep up doing what
    you are doing! c:


  12. Hai.. just because she/he/it is your reader, he/she/it thinks they own you. I get what you mean about work and not being able to post about outfits everyday. Perhaps some people think you are a full time blogger/stylist who have nothing better to do than post pictures about clothes.

    I like reading your posts cos it's starting to feel like reading a friends blog.Though you have an awesome sense of style, rest assured i don't expect you to buy a new outfit everyday :) 

  13. you blog for the people who like reading about your life, not the people who hate your life. That's how I think when I type stuff up~

    I like joey's posts. I like her fashion stuff because even though I cant wear female clothing, joey's peng. I like reading about her life because turtle is all in on england / never even seen malaysia before. I just found out my friend from university a long time ago lives in malaysia now (he's singaporean)! I just might have to fly down there and pay you a visit.

    Stay classy yo.


  14. screw haters, the rest of us love your blog for how it is ^^ 
    in fact, i have an award for you <3

  15. Thanks, hun! I'm happy I still have some support :D
    I'll do my utmost best to post more OOTDs

  16. LOL that's what I jokingly told my bf hehe

  17. Thanks for the love! hehehe

  18. So true!
    Thanks for the support and love!

  19. So right about the anonymous thing.

    Just cos I've received so much love, I'm going to try my best to post more OOTDs :D
    Thanks, Mei, for the support!

  20. Thanks, Jo! Your words mean a lot to me. It's comments like these that keep me going.

  21. Haha I don't get why she just doesn't go off to read other blogs rather than get all angry about my posts hehehe

    Thanks for the kind words!

  22. Disgruntled Reader not Hater21 November 2012 at 15:02

    Joey! Firstly I apologize for the way I expressed my feelings. I really didn't mean to be a "hater". I had just had a bad day and I guess I just expressed what I wanted to say really harshly.

    What I meant was I am very dissapointed with the lack of outfit posts which were the reason I used to come here. I hate coming here and seeing so many reviews and no outfits.I felt the blog was sticking to its name! Well at the end of the day yes it is your blog. Those are just my views and thank you for the new outfit post :). Love it.
    And good luck with who you think I am. I might be a little smarter than you give me credit for ;)
    Apologies for being rude. Really!
    Keep the outfits coming! I really dislike tooooooooooo many reviews!

  23. haters will hater! There's always a disatisfied one, isn't there?  It's your blog, do what you want :) Keep at it!

  24. Apology accepted.
    At least it made for a good topic for me to update my blog :)

    I totally understand where you're coming from, but I still maintain that this blog has evolved and while I still like to do OOTD posts, time no longer permits me to do so.

    Ah, I suppose I got you wrong then. I didn't know I had other readers from that region ;)

  25. Aww don't let that person get to you Joey. Even though you may have originally intended this to be a personal style blog, the point of the matter is, it's still your blog in the end. And you can write whatever you wish. Our priorities and interests change as we mature, so it's only natural that this would be reflected in our blogs. Personally, I like seeing a mix of outfits and reviews, because I happen to be equally interested in both fashion and beauty.


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