Sunday, 5 June 2011

Born Pretty Store haul

I really must thank Elisa for blogging and tweeting about the Born Pretty offers. Without her, I wouldn't have found out about such amazing freebies! Thanks, Elisa!

The people at the Born Pretty Nail Art Store are super generous! They are constantly having giveaways and they give out really good stuff, too. We're talking about really pretty nail art stuff like rhinestones, stamping plates and nail stickers. Amazing!

I was a little bit sceptical at first because I didn't understand how the company could keep giving out hundreds and hundreds of freebies just like that. Still, it didn't cost me anything to Tweet or Facebook Like so I followed their instructions and to my delight, the freebies came in one by one.

 The M71 nail stamping plate!

They are still giving away free Hello Kitty stamping plates, so if you're interested, head on over.
Code: BP299 
End date: 31st July 2011
Just put in the code during checkout. They only give out 10 plates per day, so if the code doesn't work, just try again the next day.

A 12 colour rhinestones wheel, how generous!

Uber cute glittery Hello Kitty faces!

I'm not sure if they're still giving out the rhinestones and Hello Kitty nail stickers, but you can Like their Facebook page and keep an eye out for updates. Their page is pretty active with not just their annoucements, but constant member contributions.

I suppose their marketing worked because I was then tempted to get more nail stuff. They had a 12% discount code for Mother's Day and so I took the opportunity to get some things. I bought some nail polishes (for stamping) and stamping plates (which came with the stamper and scraper tools).

Everything was well-packed in bubble wrap and all the items (including the freebies) arrived in less than two weeks. Perfectly reasonable as the items were sent from Singapore (to the UK).

Their customer service is excellent! They always reply within 24 hours and are always very nice and courteous.

Here's what I did with my nails:

Base: Rimmel Lasting Finish Fruities in Apricot Punch
Tips: Boots No.7 Stay Perfect in Twinkle Pink
Thumb and pinky tip: B.O (??) in Gold
Nail art: M71 nail stamping plate

Are you into nail art?


  1. :o
    Those are so cute.

  2. Whoa. That is pretty wild, the stamp is such a genius idea! I hope you take more photos of your nail creations.

    x The Pretty Secrets

  3. o: thanks for sharing that site! and those hello kitty stickers and stamps are so cute!

  4. LOVE apricot punch! Thanks to you :) the print are very cute.. i have one Konad stamp plate and I'm so bad at it :P

  5. Hey girl.
    Thanks for the comments and checking out my blog. Really appreciated.


  6. I love freebies :) Thanks for sharing the website.

  7. oh wow! Hello kitty nails!
    Thanks for the heads up about the site!

  8. the Hello Kitty stickers are very cute but too bad the plate really only has one Hello Kitty related stamp on it!

    and darn a rhinestone wheel IS crazy generous!! but their marketing plan totally worked on you! thats how they can afford these giveaways =p

  9. I just did a Hello Kitty mani recently, but OMG the Born Pretty HK nail decals are exactly what I was looking for! So cute!

    xo, alison*elle

  10. That is so cute! I love hello kitty and I'm from the UK as well :)

  11. so so cute !<3

  12. oo cute nails! :) i can never get my nails to last long whenever i paint them :(

  13. These are just so cute but I never really color my nails that much cause I like them short to avoid any dirt. Eww, sorry. I didn't mean to gross you out.

  14. this nails art kit seems very nice.. <3

  15. the shape of your nails are so perfect. i'm jelly :}! haha

  16. you're welcome Joey ^^ !! Glad you liked the products as well :D and they are so generous to give this all away ^^ you bought lots of stamping plates !!


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