Thursday, 9 June 2011

My red bowler hat

Minnie Mouse jumper: H&M
Bow suspender tights: Pamela Mann
Red bowler hat: Camden Market, London

You've seen this red bowler hat before. It's not new, but I'd like to share with you an extremely dull story about this little hat. You've been warned.

I bought this the last time I was in London. I saw it everywhere, but prices varied according to quality and place it was sold. I literally went all over town to check out the prices and finally settled on the cheapest one I could find in Camden Town. I was very pleased with myself and my new hat.
So I was strolling around Spitalfields Market, minding my own business, when a man stopped me as I was walking pass his hat stall.

Can I help you?
No, thanks, just browsing :)
I've got bowler hats *points at a stack of bowler hats*. These are REAL bowler hats. Yours is *touches MY bowler hat*...*pauses and makes a face*...It's still nice, but...
It's okay, I don't need two hats *walks off in a huff*

Excuse me, but how rude was that man?! I know my comeback was pretty lame, but I was a little taken aback by his behaviour. He literally insulted MY hat. And kindly remove your grubby hands, mister! Wtf? Who cares if mine's not a REAL bowler hat; I like it because it's red and cute and just a blardy hat to me! But most importantly, it's none of his business!! How would he like it if I insulted the clothes he was wearing?

I mean dude, I'd understand if I was carrying a bootleg Prada and strolled casually into a Prada shop. But bowler hats?! Seriously?! It's not even patented or anything! And he didn't even design those damned bowler hats!! Are they also real straw hats and fake straw hats? Do I look like I care? No.

I'm not sure how well I conveyed the story, but I was pretty mad at the time. People are allowed to have a different opinion from me and I respect that, but to insult me like that is totally uncalled for. Tsk.

Ah, I didn't mean for this to turn into an angry rant. I'm not even angry anymore. There, let me put on a red nose to take away the "bad energy" :)


  1. AHAHA, that story was not dull at all...I can't believe he did that! I hate when people just touch things. Especially if only to insult it! I LOVE YOUR HAT, and who cares what some random dude on the street trying to push his "prolly still fake bowler" hats onto you!

    I want to get some, but now I feel it's too hot. I'll have to wait for the fall here now

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  2. I love your jumper! It's so cute :P

    And with regards to the hat man, he should probably learn some manners and realise that insulting your hat won't help him make a sale XD Xx

  3. What a stupid salesperson. Salespeople DON'T insult potential clients. I would've blown up on him.

  4. simple cute outfit :D i love your red hat and tights :D

  5. very cute tights. yea, that man is kinda rude. maybe he hasn't sold a single bowler hat all day and is desperate to make one?

  6. Love love. So comfy and casual but dressed with the tights ;D

  7. What a fun twist on the classic bowler. That shade looks fantastic with your hair. Lovely.

    x The Pretty Secrets

  8. I just read your comment and YES the buzz lightyear game was a fave. I lost...... by A LOT. It was getting pretty serious.

  9. Lol at the last picture and shame on that man. What a horrible sales tactic. I don't know how a 'real' bowler hat looks like :S Crazy man.

    I like your hat :D

    If that happened to me, I probably would've just walked away not to purposely to ignore him, but probably because of shock leaving me speechless ha.

  10. I love YOUR bowler hat. that man was very rude. You did the right thing by walking away!

  11. I love your jumper <3. I've got that kind of jumper too but then with a hello kitty haha :').

  12. Ooooh you look adorable!
    lovely hat!


  13. Well who cares about him, I love your hat and it looks cute on you! I also absolutely adore your tights!

    Meanz (Koi Story)

  14. Cute outfit and who cares about the guy. He's just bleh because you didn't buy from him :)

  15. that man was very rude!really,just for a hat? -__-

    anyhow ive been trying to cut back on stuff for my face but i tried so hard and it wouldn't work haha. its so hot and humid in malaysia its just not possible T.T i'm on hada labo's facewash now XD but i would like to try something new.

  16. oh god.. i want your red bowler hat !
    it's soooo cute :)

    www.glisters and

  17. Ignore the obnoxious hat pervert! lol your hat is totally cute and so you! I'd wear one if my personality suited it, but I'm not as fun :T

  18. Calm down Joey. Just ignore that freaky man! Your bowler hat look cool.

    I don't care if people wearing something that fake like fake fur as long as they look chic, it's fine.

    You look fabs in that hat! that's the important fact :)

  19. Love your style , happy to follow your great blog !

  20. Gahh! How dare that man insult your lovely red hat! Some cheek!
    Anyway, all of your outfit is very lovely...'fake' bowler hats forever!!

  21. Haha I love the hat! I wish I could pull off wearing hats like you. Great blog, btw. Definitely following. It'd be great if you could check out my blog.


  22. :O can't believe he had the nerve to insult you! what kind of selling technique is that? i'll insult potential customers so that they'll buy my shit instead. I'd definitely be angry! Your bowler hat is lovely. x

  23. Nice outfit!! =D love your tights and hat! xx

  24. love this hat! - FASION PASSION because we all love to be a little fashion victims! :)



  25. very adorable! :P

  26. That man was way out of line. =/ Ugh, I hate people like that! I had a similar thing with a blazer I was wearing, it was a Versace jacket(!!!), and I was in a cheap ripoff shop. UGH. People are sometimes so rude.

    Know that you automatically trump them, because you're so beautiful! =)

  27. Rude man. You have every right to rant. But forget about him, I LOVE that hat! Want! <3

  28. haha red nose day! :D

  29. AHHH!! that man is SO RUDE!! ARE YOU ACTUALLY FOR REAL. Like yeah we know you want to make a sale but insulting someones hat and trying to make them feel shit is really low. Btw I like your hat :) The colour is awesome its quirky x

  30. I love the bowler hat! :D I'd love to have (a red) one too!
    Very rude guy, what the-? Bad for his business if you ask me!

  31. Looking back, it was a rather amusing experience. I wish I had a more witty comeback hehe

  32. I had the same experience wearing a bead necklace to a jewelry shop. The lady said "I like your necklace, I heave a real coral necklace at home." I'm sorry you had to go through that.


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