Wednesday, 6 July 2011

10 things I love

I was tagged by the cute Elisa from Memorable Days to do the '10 Things I Love' tag. Yeap, so I'm going to list 10 things off the top of my head that I really like. I would like to pass this on to everyone who's reading this. It'd be interesting to read about the 10 things you love. Feel free to leave me a link here to your post if you do decide to do this tag :)

[Pic source: Kao Essential]
1) Kao Essential Hair Mask
- the most awesome hair mask in the world!

2) Benefit Benetint
- the only blusher (cheek stain) I use. I've also got another one for the lips

3) Drink Me vial and key necklace
- because it was a gift from the boyf and because I love Alice

4) Double-finger key ring
- I love my entire ring collection, but this is my current favourite

5) The Time Traveller's Wife
- initially, it was a tie between the Harry Potter books and this. I chose this in the end because this story is very important to the boyf and I. The fact that we got it autographed by Audrey Niffenegger herself is all the more sweeter. It may be nothing to you, but for an American author to come to this little city (we're 4 hours away from London) in England for a book-signing is a huge thing.

6) Alexa-inspired satchel
- I love it so much, I bought it in 2 colours; black and tan

7) Mini Instax 7s
- I'm actually a little smug that I got it many years ago before most people did. I'm less smug about the fact that I probably paid a little more as there wasn't any competition back then and I had it posted from Korea

8) Macarons
- I don't need to have the best, any decent ones will do

9) Ferrero Rocher
- has always been my number 1 favourite chocolate since I was a kid

10) My blog
- I really enjoy blogging and meeting fellow bloggers and readers


  1. oh my the Drink Me is so cute, i have not tried benetint hmmm i have lipbalms, tints dont work on me :(
    i love ferrero too :D
    Im going to put u on my blog roll im just arranging it first ^^
    Im having a Giveaway Pls Join ;D

  2. A great list of 10! I want to participate in this!! I love the mini instax 7s and I love the double-finger key ring

    Live Life in Style

  3. hey gorgeous!
    thanks so much for your opinion on my post! i actually agree with you. i don't care about people ripping off a designer t-shirt which some lame-o designer slaps a $800 price tag for it. i'm just talking about pieces, like the Pamela Love ring, or a Hermes Birkin. These are truly unique to the designer, and pieces like that, if you can't afford it, unfortunately then you will look like a try hard if you are carrying the counterfeit version (that's what I think anyway!) If i saw someone with a fake YSL arty ring.. I would think they were the biggest losers lol. Some things are owned for the prestige, and that is the whole point of high designer items, but like you said, an alexander wang sweater that costs $600... who cares, not everyone can afford it and by all means- buy a look-a-like piece at your nearest chain store! haha :) I hope i made sense!! :P


  4. awww i enjoyed reading your top 10 list! I've tried both orange and pink version of the hair mask I like the orange a it better though. I'm trying to use up their (Pink version) serum right now!

    I love the quirky jewelry pieces you have there!!

    I am HUGEEE fan of ferrero rocher chocs!

  5. Love the pics! Did you stick blue stickers on your camera or was it like that? I was thinking of buying the decorations to use on mine. LOL

  6. I like your favorite 10 things!! (: I really need a hair mask cause my hair is so damaged from the summer ): I wish I had that hair mask around me!! & the key ring is soo pretty~ I love stuff that looks like keys, like necklaces & rings (: haha~ I watched the movie of Time Traveler's Wife! Is the book much better? haha~

  7. I'm a huge fan of ferrero <3

    u've a nice blog ! I'm following u now :) mind to follow each other ? check out my blog ! I hope we can be a good friends


  8. great post!! I love macarons too!! but they're too expensive so i can only eat them sometimes T_T hahaha
    omg that key ring & that key necklace!!! i love key jewelry lol

    that satchel is so pretty! where did you get it from??

  9. nice post!! i love ferrero too omg its really the best chocolate + nuts ever!! xx

    ive never eaten macarons :(
    what do they taste like?

    who's your fav celeb? :) x

  10. Hi Joey! Cute post! :D I love your Alice necklace and your key ring. Super cute!Ah, and your Instax! I have one too~

    I may end up doing this post too in the near future. :]

  11. love your answers dear,i never tried a blusher and i would like, love your camera so nice.

  12. I love all the things that you mentioned <3 loving the necklaceeee and hair maskkk :D and key ring omg <33

  13. Hey, I just started reading your blog and was just curious where you bought your "Alexa-inspired satchel", it's so pretty!

  14. Oh gosh, I have been lusting after the Alexa bag for quite some time now! If it wasn't for the incredible and horrifying University fees over my head, I would drop everything on that beauty, hahaha.

    Btw that Drink Me necklace is to cute!

  15. Oh the ferreros...Nom!
    And the necklaces and ring are so pretty!

  16. Great post, love to these kind of things!

  17. Those are so cute :)
    Macaroons are delicious!

  18. Heehee, we love you too Joey. =) I'm absolutely in LOVE with essential hair products, but now I'm back in Vancouver I have no idea where to get them. Boohoo. Is it easy for you to get that brand in England? I'm so jelly!

  19. You and I have the same taste! Love those things!

  20. O I love so many things that u posted! so cute that u put ur blog also! haha.. =) I guess if i do the list, I would def have to put my blog in it 2!!!

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo
    * c my giveaway*

  21. i fancy the necklace & the polariod camera!!! I really want to get one of those!!!

  22. Hinestly said I love everything in this post but I felt deep in love with your necklace and ring SO GORGEOUS!

  23. Thank you for your comment, I'm very flattered that you like my jewellery!
    Nice 10 top things! The necklace your boyfriend got you, can you actually drink that??
    Ah the benefit tint, I have one, I used it on my cheeks once and didn't blend it in time and my cheeks were blotchy red... not a great look! xX

  24. Oh I loooove macarons!! Also, you take quit good pictures!!! Love the way you photographed your fav things

  25. Great post! I love the double finger key ring - how cool is that! & Ferrero Rocher... oh-so-yummy! (I'm a chocoholic)

    xo katie elizabeth

  26. audrey's signature looks so creative and beautiful! ooh your benetint blusher looks like a really interesting product- do you have any photos of you wearing it? xx misstea & co.

  27. wow, i enjoyed reading your top 10 list:)

    I love your double-finger key ring & satchel bag ;)

    followed you!


  28. Benetint is the best of the best~! If i am only allowed one cosmetics in my life, Benetinit will be the one!

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  29. The Drink Me vile is adorable. I love the craze for Alice jewellery that's developed some really dainty pieces since the movie came out. (I didn't see the movie, did you? But I love the book.)

    The bag in my header isn't mine actually. I just googled 'teapot bag' to get an image I wanted. It's amazing how many companies are doing teapot shaped bags!

  30. lovely post :D I love that chocolate too!

  31. Ooh! Imagine if you replaced the cork on your drink me vial with a brush, then filled it with benetint...!! That's the first thing I thought when I saw them together, haha!

  32. i love the ring! pretty:)
    Nice Blog
    I followed. I would love if you follow back mine ;)

    xoxo, Gloria

  33. what lovely, meaningful pictures!
    and i love benetint too! a life saver - i use it on my lips and cheeks!

  34. 6,9, and 10!!!!! are my favs :)
    love ur blog! i follow now!

  35. The necklace and the ring are beautiful!! Love them. :) I love your blog too. I'm following now. hehee.

    I may do this tag in the future. Thanks for sharing. :D

  36. I love that king ring...just found your blog, love your style, I'm following now :)

  37. I need to buy The Time Traveller's Wife and read it!!

  38. i'm here for the first time and i must say wow!
    really good blog, nice photos, interesting notes. i'm follow you! <3

    come to me and follow too, if you want. :)


  39. I have awarded you the One Lovely Blog Award .. Check it out at ....

    L xx

  40. Very nice post!

    I like the ring, 2fingers-thing! ;)


  41. Super cute! I can see why you love many of these things!

  42. i like the time traveller's wife alot,i teared reading it,not many books can cause a waterfall.

  43. JOEY!!!! I am so envious of your autographed copy of The Time Traveler's Wife!! OMG!! I'm in the state of agitation right now. Hahaha!

  44. the satchel bag is amazing..and who doesnt love macaroons..dey are yum yum :)


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