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Shoppingholics Geo Bella Brown review

Today, I'll be reviewing the GEO Bella Brown circle lenses.
Disclosure: These lenses were sponsored by Shoppingholics, a Malaysian-based online store that sells circle lenses, fashion accessories and other beauty and body care products. Shoppingholics did not dictate what should or should not be in this review and thus this is written based on my honest opinions.

The parcel took just slightly over a week to arrive. As always, their packaging is uber cute and very secure. Everything was posted in a bubble envelope, of course, but the vials were also stored inside this tiny little box with extra bubble wrap. As I was ripping the envelope, I was super keen to see which cute animal lens case I got. The feeling is a bit like opening a Kinder Suprise egg *wink*

Item details
Origin: Korea
Diameter : 14.0mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 1 year disposal

Comfort: 4/5
As I do for all my circle lenses, I soaked my lenses overnight before I wore them for the first time. For some reason, the first day I wore them, I couldn't wear them for longer than 3 hours before my eyes started feeling dry. However, it got better the next day and now, I can wear them for 6-8 hours without any problems. I don't experience any discomfort within this period, but any longer and my eyes will start to feel really dry.

Enlargement: 3/5
As these are only 14.0mm in diameter, I didn't expect them to have much of an enlarging effect, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that it did make my eyes look brighter. True, the enlargement effect is not as big as the 15.0, 16.0, 17.0mm ones, but it definitely enlarged my irises. I like the fact that the ring around the lenses are dark brown in colour because it definitely blends in better and looks more natural like that.

Colour: 2/5
*note that a 5/5 score would mean that the colour's very obvious even while indoors*
I have naturally very dark brown eyes and I've been told that apparently, my irises are darker in comparison to most Asians. These lenses made my irises a lighter shade of brown. The brown is more obvious in daylight, but still looks very natural, in my opinion. Indoors, the brown can be seen under certain lighting.

How much do I like them? 4.5/5

Without flash (facing the window)
With flash
Note the difference

When asked to select a pair of circle lenses I wanted to review, I went straight for the browns because I was on the lookout for a pair that gave my eyes that subtle hint of colour and one with a little bit of an enlargement effect. As you guys know, I'm a minimalist when it comes to makeup, but a lot of circle lenses look best when worn with full eye makeup, including false eyelashes. I used to own a few pairs that were 14.5mm diameter and those I saved for nights out when I could occasionally (rarely) force myself to doll up. I love the whole gyaru look and I admire how pretty some girls look, but I know that for lazy me, I need something more for everyday wear.

Are you ready for some vain selca pics?

Without flash (indoors)

With flash (indoors)

Without flash (facing the window)

I own (and have owned) many pairs of circle lenses, but these GEO Bella Brown lenses have certainly become one of my favourite pairs because of how natural they look. Also, I think they kind of match my hair!

I hope that this review was useful especially for girls who want to go for a more subtle and natural look for daytime. If you're as lazy as me, then these lenses are perfect for you :)


  1. Joey, you look great even without eye makeup and these natural looking lense!
    and the piggy is so cute. i never seen those in korea before! XD

  2. Wow!  They look beautiful on you!  Really lovely :)


  3. wow they really make eyes look bigger!
    how much is your eye power? :O


  4. They make your eyes look huge : ) I love them!

  5. this is a great review, they do look very natural on you, its pretty! 
    i love those lense case! so cutee!!
    Krissy xoxo

  6. Great review and they look nice on you. I like how its very natural and not out there.
    And for my recent blog post, I'm the oldest (18) xD, and the girl in black is 15 and the girl in white 16. I'm the oldest yet the shortest.

  7. Hey !
    The lens look great on you, are they difficult to put on ?

  8. you looks so natural and that lens is look great on you! :D
    btw I've followed you dear, hope you do the same.
    keep in touch :)

  9. I'm still waiting for these lenses for my sister from Kiwi-Berry! I didn't know they're only 14.0... I kinda want them now too XD  They look great on you! :)


    I'm not so sure about circle lenses, but glad you like them! I do notice a HUGE difference.

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

  11. they're cute and make your eyes look so big!

  12. I'm not sure if they have colored lenses with strength like my eyes are -5 (yes, I know my eyes are überbad)
    But tempting to buy them just for the cute lense cases and box :'D

    Reply@: tehehehe I used to dance alot so I think I got my flex because of that - I wanne go to Hong Kong, Korea and Japan... as bonus country Singapore or Indonesia :D xx

  13. waaah thanks for the review. this one reminds me a lot to neo 4 tone in brown XD

  14. These look great, Im glad the comfort is good since I've read a few reviews on lenses with poor comfort level = can't wear for long periods of time =no wear at all lol Oh and I agree with how you feel about gyaru! It's sooo pretty but so high maintenance LOL I applaud those ladies that can pull off the look everyday!

  15. Those look so lovely and natural on you! Do you normally get dry eyes? I usually do during this time because of allergies, so I always have to bring eyedrops. I find that my normal prescription contacts always dry out my eyes more than circle lenses though.

    I love the color on you, and I do't think your eyes are that dark, but it is on flash! XD You look cute! <3

  16. These look great on you, Joey! <3 SUPER CUTE and natural~ :D

  17. you are always so pretty on photos *.*

    that lenses looks really pretty :) i like when they look natural, i should buy one already too :D

  18. The contacts look really good! (: & really natural~ The piggy contact lens case is SO cute!!! (: & I love your hair color~

  19. Oh wow, I don't think I would have been able to get those in my eyes! I struggle with my own regular lenses bc I don't wear them that often.
    of Live Life in

  20. Great review! I've always wanted to try colour lenses but I can't since I've got a bad prescription and astigmatism T_T I agree with your on the gyaru look, so much work but it really is worth it in the end, I guess it's just not for me either, kudos to those girls that do it everyday!

  21. This is very nice, like it!

    Henar ♥
    ...OH MY VOGUE !

  22. It looks very natural on you! This was very informative, thank you! I never really post the like diameter and base curve and all that, but I think I will be doing that from now on as well. Your review was very helpful ^-^

    Thanks so much for visiting. Your blog is lovely (:


  23. looks very natural :D i like it !! 

  24. Those are awesome! They look great for a casual, natural look. I think I might try these out!

  25. Even though you didn't give the enlargement factor a high rating, I think your eyes do look bigger with them on xD They look really nice on you and I love your hairstyle! I wish I could grow my hair that long lol. 


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