Friday, 25 November 2011

Budapest (Part 1)

 Round scarf: H&M
Biker jacket: H&M
 Hey Hey Hey t-shirt:
 Destroyed denim shorts: River Island
 Alexa-inspired satchel: Random blogshop

1) Funicular going up Castle Hill

I have been procrastinating quite a bit and today, I finally selected, edited and blogged about my Budapest trip. I hope you enjoy my very literal captions hehehe

2) View of Pest from Buda

Only while doing my research did I find out that Budapest is separated by the River Danube into Buda and Pest. We stayed on the Buda side which was near the Castle Hill, but we also made frequent trips over to the Pest side via the metro, trams or on foot (crossing the Chain Bridge).

3) Pretty lamp post

4) Map-reading

5) Jumping shot

6) Matthias church

7) Point of view

8) Royal Palace

9) Giant pencil

10) Er...another pretty lamp post

11) Hungarian post box

12) House of Terror

Despite its foreboding name, the House of Terror is actually a museum. It also serves as a memorial to the victims of the fascist and communist regimes. This is very fascinating museum and I think my favourite parts were the TV screens showing survivors being interviewed. Many of these first-hand accounts of the horror will bring a tear to your eye. All the survivors are old, but they can still recount with detail the fear they felt and the horror they witnessed. I walked away from the museum with mixed feelings. I felt a bit more educated, certainly, but also disturbed, yet relieved that we don't live in that world.

13) Foie gras

14) Homemade veal stew with ewe cheese strapacky

15) Duck breast and foie gras with apple and pear

When we found the right restaurants, Budapest has some pretty amazing food to offer. I had quite a number of servings of beef goulash soup (not pictured here) throughout our trip. Luckily for us, we found the Angelika restaurant just 2 minutes walk from out hotel. This restaurant was recommended by our guidebook and it definitely didn't disappoint. The foie gras at the Angelika restaurant is to die for! I really miss it *smacks lips*

16) Delicious k-ki from Butterfly

Those with a sweet tooth would be glad to hear that desserts are really cheap in Budapest. The fruit cake above only cost a couple of pounds whereas a slice of cake here in the UK can cost half the price of your main meal.

17) Hungarian Parliament

This is the view we get every night as we walk back to our hotel.


  1. You look lovely! I really need to get a basic leather jacket.. one like yours is perfect!!! :D

    Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi

  2. I'd love to visit Budapest someday! I Think it's a great city and it's also cheap, which is good for a student like me!

    The little tart looks delicious :D

  3. wow it all looks so nice ^^
    I didn't thought that it was such a pretty country!Cotton Candy

  4. Hey Joey! These pics are just awesome. Budapest is beyond lovely. I so thank you for sharing them. I love reading your posts, because it makes you feel as if you're there. :) I think that was great what you did for shinyprettythings. That hello kitty umbrella is fab! You're so sweet! I love bloggers that do a little something for each other, so I just wanted to let you know. Have a great day.

  5. looks like soo much fun!! :) i love the shorts over tights look!!!

  6. Hey I adore your biker jacket.I guess I have already said that a million times!
    you look really pretty.
    PS You did not mention where your ballerinas are from.Too cute!

  7. I love your travels posts! Shall add Budapest to my To Visit list :)

    Cute outfit!  Shorts and tights is always my favourite pairing for an Autumn weather.

  8. I adore your bag and that scarf! I got one just like it at Gap the other night! That fruit cake looks amazing, and these photos are lovely as usual! You make me so jealous of your travels!

  9. Woow love your pics!! i can see you had a lot of fun!! =D can't wait to see the other parts of the pics! =D xoxo

  10. Love love love this post!! Great pictures and sites to see! Hehe, you're so adorable in that jumping picture. Whee! I hope to visit Budapest some day. Food looks definitely yummy too. :D And wah, that view from your hotel is gorgeous! 

  11. Ahhhh cake!! I love the biker chic outfit you have on! I need a biker jacket T_T

    my sister has said many wonderful thing about Budapest! Must go one day :)

  12. One of my mum's fave places is Budapest. And I haven't been there... YET! I've already heard so many times that it is absolutely stunning. I'd love to go! X

  13. waaa, you were in budapest? it's next to my country Slovakia, maybe 2h. by car from my city :D:D  i love Budapest, it's really nice, especially at night :) hope you enjoyed it there ^^ 

  14. Hmm where to start?
    OMG I LOVE THAT GIGANTIC PENCIL! and that picture of that cablecart thing looks cool :D like a Tetris block or something...
    Hmmm that House Of Terror sounds creepy and I feel abit sad to hear about the victims..
    I'm glad Budapest has nice food! Yumyum! Adding Budapest to my 'to-go-holiday-someday-list' :D


  15. Amazing pics, Budapest looks so beautiful =) and I like your outfit from head to toes ! You're invited to enter my Chanel & Too Faced Giveaway !
    Follow Fashion and Cookies

  16. Wow the sights nnd architecture all look so beautiful! I hope you're enjoying your trip Joey! :D

  17. Omg these pictures are amazing. Love the giant pencil and post box :D I've never tried foie gras but I've seen people going crazy advocating against eating it (on TV). I think I'd try it though :)

  18. yay you blogged :D saw your twit about it hehe. thanks for sharing on this,didn't know its actually seperated into buda and pest O.O

  19. Awesome photos from your travels, Joey. I also love the lamp posts specially the ones with the flowers. It's just so beautiful. <3

  20. what an exciting travel! amazing photos anyway :)
    check out mine if you have a chance :)

  21. Love your scarf! Those pictures are lovelyyy, you look so pretty dear :D
    Have a nice trip! :D

  22. u seriously take the most beautiful vacation photos!!! and omg im so jealous u can take awesome jumping shots!!!! i always end up looking like a flailing dolphin. im prob too short so i can't jump high enough for the camera to capture it in time. sighhhhh 

  23. love love looking through your budapest photos!! i'm going there in january so looking through your photos has gotten me even more excited! love your outfit your leather jacket and your cable inifinity scarf are to die for cute!

  24. Budapest is such a pretty city...I enjoyed your photos....

  25. I'm hungry :L. Aah, such a lovely photos! <3  the last one!♥_♥

  26. love your outfit here :D!! and lovely pictures ^^ especially the jump shot hahaha :P


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