Wednesday, 23 November 2011

November GlossyBox

So after October's pretty amazing box (I'm still in love with the Dermalogica products), I have to admit I had high hopes for November's GlossyBox. When the pretty pink box arrived, I literally couldn't wait to tear into it. Sadly, it left me feeling a little underwhelmed. This time round, it's definitely a lacklustre box.

Nail Rock Designer Nail Wraps Black Lace on Red
Dead Sea Spa Magik Dead Sea Bath Salts
Monu Revitalising Moisturiser
Serge Lutens L'Eau Serge Lutens and Vitriol d'Oeillet
Arbonne FC5 Cooling Foot Creme

This month's box is kind of meh. Do I absolutely hate this box? No. Am I wowed by this box? No.
I wasn't excited at all by the brands and probably wouldn't use half of the things in the box. I suppose it's not fair for me not to give them a try, but the nail wraps simply do not appeal to me. The design is not something I like and in any case, I prefer painting my nails. The bath salts are okay and I may have used them if only I weren't moving out of my current place (back home where I don't have a bath tub). As for the perfume samples, regular readers will know what I think of them...not highly.

That said, I wouldn't say it was a horrid box. The Monu skin protector seems like a good product and the foot cream would be good for the upcoming winter months, I suppose. I look forward to trying out these products.

So yes, I'm not too excited about this box, but then again I completely understand that with beauty boxes, it's really a hit or miss. They can't satisfy everyone, every month.

This GlossyBox was gifted to me for review purposes


  1. I hear from so many readers how frustrating they can be. I hope they choices get better for yours. :)

  2. What a shame! Hopefully the December box will be filled with fabulous things! The cooling foot creme sounds good but I think it'd suit the summer months more? Haha~

  3. Aw, too bad this Month's GlossyBox didn't live up to your expectations from last month's. Still looks like you got a pretty good variety of products. Some of which maybe you wouldn't have tried on your own? ^^

  4. The lace nail stickers are so adorable! Glossy Box looks so fun ! 

  5. Some of the items in this box appeal to me, but I have to agree that on the whole, this is a bit disappointing. The nail wraps are cool, but I'm not liking the design at all :/

  6. Always want to try those nail wraps~ Can't wait to see you wearing them =)

    SHOP Ezzentric Topz

  7. the nail wraps look interesting but yeah i hate using them. it feels so strange & unnatural. i dont like having stickers on my nails hahaha

  8. i am not also fan of nail wraps. but that moisturiser loks good:) hope your next glossy box will bring zou more joy :))

  9. I'm particularly interested to this 2: Dead Sea Spa Magik Dead Sea Bath Salts & Monu Revitalising Moisturiser. 
    Here in Italy the next box will arrive in a couple of days: soo excited!
    In the meanwhile I reviewed the first one, if you are curious (
    I just think it's unfair to give someone parfume samples (you are lucky not to have one), which everyone can get free.. Hope this won't happen in Italy!

  10. wow, all these cosmetics look amazing!
    By the way, I just found your blog and I have to say that I really like it!– your style is original and I read your blog with alot of pleasure. I adore blog like yours  so.. I just wonder..if we could follow each other..Please answer! But even if your answer is “no” I’ll be still your reader with love,your opinion is VERY important for me!

  11. I got almost completely different box and hate it too! I am almost 100% unsubscribing!

  12. the moisturizer looks good, it's nice to have a box like this, is like receiving a suprise XD


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