Sunday, 6 November 2011

Roma (Part 1)

Here are a couple of outfits I wore while I was rome-ing (geddit? GEDDIT? haha) around in Rome. I think most days I was a walking advert for H&M and the other days, Primark.

1) Vittorio Emanuele II Monument
Heart-shaped sunglasses: H&M
Cardigan with elbow patches: H&M
Scallop-edge vest: Wholesale Dress
Alexa-inspired satchel: Random blogshop
Vintage cameo brooch: Vintage fair
Paperbag skirt with heart prints: H&M
Lace up floral brogues: New Look

2) Sitting on the Spanish Steps
Cardigan with elbow patches: H&M
Beatles t-shirt: H&M
Paperbag trousers: H&M
Alexa-inspired satchel: Random blogshop
Lace up floral brogues: New Look

3) Ancient ruins in the Roman Forum
Cardigan: Primark
White blouse with ruffles: Primark
Alexa-inspired satchel: Random blogshop
Floral shorts:
Shoes: Primark

4) Light a candle

It is undeniable that Italy has the most beautiful cathedrals. A lot of them are huge, with extraordinarily high ceilings and beautiful carvings. Paintings on the wall date back to hundreds and hundreds of years. Sometimes, if we were really lucky, a choir group would be singing and to be sitting in a 16th, 17th or 18th century cathedral, listening to such angelic voices truly is a great experience.


Although I'm not a religious person, I appreciate the beauty of these places of worship. The artists and architects commissioned to build these places really have put in a lot of love and effort, and it shows.

6) Humongous organ
7) Theatre of Marcellus
8) Ruins

While we were rome-ing around, we came across plenty of excavations still going on. Rome is full of such ruins. Tiny pieces of history. Evidences of Roman kings and their empires. It will only be interesting if you know your history and if you've read up before you came.

9) The Pantheon

Perhaps the most well-preserved building in Rome. Look at it! Practically the whole thing is intact!

10) The dome

The only source of light for The Pantheon. According to our guidebook, when it rains or snows, the sight of water/snow falling through the hole to the floor of The Pantheon is absolutely beautiful. Too bad we weren't able to witness that.

11) Fountain of Trevi

Fans of the popular TVB drama Triumph in the Skies (Chung Seong Wan Siu) would recognize this place. It's really quite pretty, but always crowded. We managed to squeeze in and threw some coins into the fountain. Legend has it that if you threw a coin into the fountain, you'll return to Rome. Well, I threw a coin into the fountain 4 years ago and I did return, so I guess it's true!

12) Risotto 1
13) Risotto 2
14) Night view
15) The Colosseum at night


  1. Awww that is so sweet! I'm more than happy to share my photos and secretly relieved that people are sick of my travel posts yet hehe
    Oh trust me, there are days where I just don't care, but I told myself since I packed the clothes already, I may as well wear them :D

  2. I am digging the first outfit. The shoes, skirt and top are just too cute and girly. I should get more serious with my traveling and blogging. Rome is a city of ruins and it's such a beauty. It really is. 

  3. lucky you! rome is such a magical place! x

  4. Looks fun (and delicious!)


  5. All I can focus on is that risotto. Yum!

  6. I want to throw the coin too so that I could return to Rome. Hope you had fun roaming in rome in your H&M and Primark.. yeah I geddit... haha.

  7. oh wow, so jealous!! i want to go to ROME, amazing pictures you have (: and nice outfits! 
    the risotto looks scrumptious ^^, oh btw i love watching TVB drama haha!! yeah the scene was shot there in triumph in the skies ^^!! 

    CMPang x

  8. JEALOUS of the gorgeous weather! X

  9. Nice play on words!! love the shots!

    Shasie of Live
    Life in Style

  10. Wow that is such a pretty place to go ^ ^ I would love to go there one day too! 

  11. must be a nice trip :)
    Wonder when I could go there , hehe
    I love your heart skirt !

  12. Notafashionblogger21 November 2012 at 15:33

    Ooooh so you were here in rome? Did my town behave properly?
    I love all these pictures!!

  13. great pictures and really cute outfits. really like how you dress up and dress down! Love your last picture of this post. It looks quite magical!

  14. I wish to go there one day!! one day ( seems so far fetch) lol. but really,thanks for sharing all these beautiful pictures <3 and i love your outfit! if i were you,i would probably just dress in shorts n tee D: yah the horror lol. 

  15. Wow, amazing!  I took a humanities course last spring and after that i vowed to go to italy some day.  The history is so rich and everything is just so amazing!  My professor worked as an adjunct (teaching our humanities course once a week) just so she could travel to Rome every year.  She was in love with the city and that rubbed on me quite a bit.  But sadly I am still a poor college student from the states so it's hard to travel... as of right now XD Your outfits were all lovely! :D

  16. i threw a coin in the fountain 7 years ago and haven't returned. i guess i need to make a trip back! finding excuse :P 

  17. Wahh, my eyes were definitely "Oooing" and "Aaahhing" at all the pictures included in this post. :D Love your outfits! You looks so cute. :D I need to throw a coin in the Trevi...but first...gotta find my way to Rome!! -sigh-

  18. Omg Im soooooo envious of your Rome trip!!! How long were you in Italy for? I also ready your previous posts!  Will you be going to Pompei? Did you take any special tour at the Colosseum?! =D

    Thank you so much for your kind works on my designer bag post! I totally agree! Friends wouldn't be saying such mean and nasty remarks! I'd also be happy for my friend if she got a designer bag! In fact, my friend is going to buy her first LV wallet and Im going with her, Im soooo excited!!! bf say it's like Im the one buying a new wallet and not her hahahaha

  19. Love your first outfit! <3


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