Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Venezia (Part 2)

1) Hello! I'm a tourist!
Venetian gondolier hat: Random souvenir stall
Lace embellished, polka-dotted blouse: Wholesale Dress
Cameo brooch: Vintage fair
Alexa-inspired satchel: Random blogshop
Paperbag trousers: H&M
Lace up floral brogues: New Look

Doesn't my outfit just scream "tourist"?
Cheap "Venetian hat" on head? Check!
Camera around the neck? Check!
Guidebook in hand? Check!

2) Gorgeous pins made by a local designer
3) Tiny, tiny hand-painted masks
4) Elaborate Venetian mask
5) Masquerade! Paper faces on display! *brownie points to you if  you know where that came from*

It was extremely difficult to photograph the Venetian masks as nearly all the vendors in Venice have a very strict "No Photography" policy. They have their reasons, I suppose:
1) Pesky tourists coming in and taking pictures all day long without buying anything must be pretty annoying
2) They fear their original masks designed and lovingly made by local craftsmen will be copied and mass-produced

6) "No China"

I guess it's pretty clear what this shopowner is saying ;) There are also plenty of posters around appealing to tourists not to buy "Made in China" masks, but to support the Venetian mask-makers, a dying trade. In Murano, it was the same as the glassblowers face stiff competition from imported goods.

7) Pizza made by a husband & wife team
8) Rialto Bridge
9) Saint Mark's Basilica

10) The boyf and I on the veranda at Saint Mark's Basilica
11) The Campinile at Piazza San Marco (Saint Mark's Square)
12) Ooooh my legs look so long. Yeap, this photo serves no purpose :P
13) Where the gondolas (and tourists) congregate
14) Spaghetti cabonara
15) Spaghetti frutti di mare
16) Gelato in yummy flavours

We had quite a lot of gelato the whole time we were there because it was so frigging hotomgyouwontbelieveit! I wore trousers and pulled on the cardigan because we were going into the cathedral and we had to dress decently. I swear I almost had a heatstroke! *drama* Anywayz, yummy scoops of gelato (which, according to our guidebook, has less fat than normal ice cream. WIN!) saved me from potential embarassment of fainting from the heat.

17) Oh, Venice, you're so pretty!
18) Bus Vaporetto stop

Last day in Venice.

19) On the Bridge of Sighs
Remember I talked about the Bridge of Sighs in my first Venice post*click*? Well, this was the "last glimpse" I was talking about.

20) Piazza San Marco again

On the last day, the weather became much cooler because it rained the previous night. Though I loved the entire Venice trip, I think I liked this day the best because of the cooler weather and also because it was slightly less crowded. So my tip would be to visit Venice during the colder months.

21) The view in front of the Doge's Palace
22) Inside the Doge's Palace
23) One of the cosy, little restaurants not infiltrated by tourists (except us haha!)
24) Mixed platter
25) Homemade lagsana

Oh, by the way, I know the squid ink spaghetti in my previous Venice post looks quite gross, but it actually tastes pretty good! It's a local delicacy apparently, so we had to try it. It was good, but I must admit that halfway through, it kind of got a bit too rich and I got sick of it. It was nice to try it once, but we never ordered it again during the rest of our trip. I don't know how to describe it, but I think it tastes a little bit like Marmite? Haha, I know Marmite's one of those things where you either love it or hate it.

And that concludes my trip to Venice!
Next up, ROME!

Check out Venezia (Part 1) here*click*


  1. was trying to comment when i got your coment on my blog earlier today but was on my iTouch and your pictures just won't load! but wow now that i can see it now, so amazing :D the masks are great. were those "ninja" shots? they didnt seem stolen!

  2. Lol "no china!!!" how awkward must that be if you're chinese and you step in the store... hehe! Wow your pics really make me miss Italy, it's so beautiful!! Love your little touristy outfit by the way! xX

  3. I would love a good authentic venetian mask to decorate my house! lol at the no china.. ya, things aren't very fun when they're mass produced :)

  4. your photos look great! It reminds me of my venice trip earlier this year. Its such a beautiful city. Judging from your photos, it looks quite busy compared to when i went. I sort of wish that i got to experience Venice in nicer weather, as i went in Jan and it was freeeeezzziiinngg.  I miss those little alleyways. :)

  5. gosh, everything looks so nice xD the food the scenery <3 !!! and a sweet picture of you and your bf :D the weather looks so good there as well o.o whoaa <3

  6. OMGosh! I'm so jealous! I want to go to Italy soooo badly. Amazing look for a day of tourism, especially the hat!

    Shasie of Live
    Life in Style

  7. oh what a romantic city! love the colours of your outfit on the first picture :)

  8. LOL "no china" HAHAHA that'd def be a good selling point for me too! so sick of always buying souvenirs that are made in china (unless im actually in china lol). omg your posts these last 2 days make me want so pasta so bad!!!! i've never had marmite but i read the wiki on it once...idk if i'll ever try it HAHAHAHA

  9. whata  cute preppy outfit Joey! Venice looked a like a lot of fun! My sister got me a Venice mask when she went too - i need to visit there one day!


    You sold me on Venice, shall move it up on my bucket list!  Can't wait to see your trip in Rome :)


  11. OMG!I love Venice!I come from italy,Naples,come to see my blog!
    if you participate you can also win my GUCCI Giveaway!


    ps:great photos!wowww

  12. wow, these pictures are amazing! i've always wanted to visit venice :)
    just came across your blog and i love it!

    would you like to follow each other?


  13. beautiful pic!
    I follow u, follow me? :(  (in my blog and bloglovin)


  14. Francesca Della Valle21 November 2012 at 15:30

    great blog! and beautiful pics!
    follow each other? i'll wait your answer on my blog :) 

  15. faboulos!
    kisses! Why don' t you come to see my fashion blog? i would be happy!
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  16. These pictures are gorgeous!  I would love to visit a place like this.  I would actually love to travel period.

    http://www.glamkittenslitterbox.com/Twitter: @GlamKitten88 

  17. great photos . are u coming to visit milan too
    kep up the great jobgreat postcome and say hiAlways following&commentinghttp://www.thedollsfactory.com

  18. Voyeuring Italy through your blog now... Joey, I'm so bad... My Europe trip is comine and I've yet to even decided on hotel.. Yes I know, i'm so late but I don't even feel the sense of urgency... So busy with so many stuff all in one. Ok nothing... I'm just remarking and lamenting. 

  19. Lucky You, I've never been to Venezia, the photos are beautiful!
    And the mixed platter looks sooooo godd :D

    (you and your bf are too cute ^^)


  20. Nice pics :)


  21. 1. This makes me incredibly hungry, although my stomach is incredibly full and fat.
    2. Those masks are both beautiful, but also a touch creepy!

    Sigh... venice.

    xx{ish}.,Mae Lu @ ~thereafterish.!

  22. These photos are amazing! and yummy... :)

  23. This trip just looks absolutely amazing! I also love the collar on your blouse and those paper bag trousers!!

  24. So, everything's not made in China after all. Haha! 

    I die with all the food photos. Italians really know how to enjoy food. Reminds me so much of eat,pray,love. If the clothes doesn't fit, buy a new one in a different size. XD

  25. LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE PHOTOS! Your outfit is lovely!!! Not a total tourist might I add. hehe. After going through this post...I just about died from how beautiful everything must have looked. I'm totally living vicariously through your eyes right now, Joey. *o* 

  26. loving your touristy outfit. very nice photos of venice. wish to go there one day. chuckle at "no china" pretty clear statement. 

    thanks for your lovely comment. 

  27. oh what a romantic city! love the colours of your outfit on the first picture :)


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